It all started with Heinrich Bockhold – Pauls father. There have always been many different kind of dogs on the agricultural estate in the Heek area. Those were gundogs like german wirehaired points and terries, but also guard dogs like german shepards, rottweilers, just to name a view.

The gundogs were used on a daily basis, because the estate was located within the families own hunting district. That’s why the hunt began as soon as Paul or Heinrich opened the kennel door.

Unlike his father, Paul discovered his preference for German shorthaired pointers very early and that is why he trained his first Gsp at the Bockhold estate in 1967 – that was “Betti” (225 17 / 68).
Betti also was completly brown, the typical characteristic of the “Vom Dinkelhof” Gsps. In 1971 the „Vom Dinkelhof“ name got copyright protected.

Since everything is easier in a team and also makes a lot more fun, Rainer Börsting joined Paul and the “Vom Dinkelhof” kennel in 1997.

Right now, the kennel holds more than 400 puppies and it used the complete alphabet for the names more than two times. It is no wonder that we established a known name not only regional, but also national and international in Canada, America and Turkey.

The „wall of fame“ consists of all the available prices for our Gsps. Adding up over dozens of VGPs (more than 20 first prices) and the all time challenge trophy of the “Klub Kurzhaar Westfalen” was won more than 12 times by “Vom Dinkelhof” owners.

Paul and Rainer will continue to breed healthy and useful gundogs for an everyday hunting trip. They have to fulfill a reliable job and also be a valuable family member.